I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Insane): Autistics Can’t Have Nice Things…Like Friends

As you may know or, for my auties, experience, autistics have a hard time socializing. Communicating with Neurotypicals (NTs) is hard since some of us have facial blindness, are not able to pick up tones in voices, or speak honestly and bluntly. But in all fairness, NTs communicating with ATypicals (ATs) is difficult, too. SocietyContinue reading “I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Insane): Autistics Can’t Have Nice Things…Like Friends”


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  • M.E. Purfield is the autistic author of the long running and highly rated Miki Radicci series and the sci-noir Blunt Force Kharma series. He has been writing and publishing since 2001. He has worked as a book reviewer, screenwriter, business writer, and editor. He has had short stories in Broken Pencil, Unwinnable Magazine, and Norwegian American Weekly. He lives in New Jersey.

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