I am creating neurodiverse speculative fiction within a neurotypical publishing industry. Using honesty, integrity, and innovation, I hope to produce professional and affordable neurodiverse science fiction, mystery, absurdist, and Young Adult fiction to the widest audience possible; and to also help other diverse authors in the community create their place in a neurotypical, white, cis male-dominated industry.

Many publishing companies made micro strides in bringing neurodiverse fiction to their catalogs. Unfortunately, disability stereotypes rot their products to please profit margins and virtual-signal the neurodiverse movement. This business practice insults intelligent readers seeking fiction that entertains, enlightens, and changes the world’s perceptions.

With the help of my supporters, I will purchase the latest and most efficient tools needed to publish fiction that will create accurate and honest depictions of neurodiverse characters, break the myths and stereotypes mainstream publishers push into media, and help pave the way for the future diverse storytellers.