Tenebrous Chronicles Reading Order

Tenebrous Chronicles

A majority of my writing focuses on the Tenebrous Chronicles. Currently, it encompasses the Miki Radicci, the Radicci Sisters, and Cities series, plus short stories. Many of these can be found in stores and exclusively on my patreon page.

  1. Cities That Eat Islands (books 1-3) 1921-1966
  2. Fish Hunt (short story) 1921 *
  3. Cities That Hide Bodies (novel) 1967
  4. Party Girl Crashes The Rapture (novel)
  5. Angel Spits (novel)
  6. A Black Deeper Than Death (novel)
  7. The Space Between (short story)
  8. In A Blackened Sky Where Dreams Collide (novel)
  9. Bad Land of the Brain (short story)
  10. Blood Like Cherry Ice (novel)
  11. The Soul and the Screen (short story)
  12. Surely Girly (novel)
  13. Genetic Kiss (short story)
  14. Nobody, Nothing (short story)
  15. Bawling Sugar Soul (novel)
  16. A Girl and a Gun (short story)
  17. Scorched Heart (short story)
  18. Dick in a Dish (short story)
  19. A Girl Close To Death (novel)
  20. Heart on the Devil’s Sleeve (novel)
  21. Deeper than a Sleepy Head (short story)
  22. Sinking Stones in the Sky (novel)
  23. Ghost in the Stream (novel)
  24. Expressway Thru the Skull (novel)
  25. Hacker’s Moon (novel)
  26. Tweens With Pop Guns (short story) *
  27. Psychic Sisters (novel)
  28. Bumper (short story) *
  29. My Dead Body (novel)
  30. Favors (short story) *
  31. Saints (novel)
  32. Squeezed (novel)
  33. Broken Psychic Hearts (novel)
  34. The Emptiness Above (novel)
  35. Rats in a Cage (short story) *
  36. The Sludge Below (novel) *
  37. The Doe *
  38. Auties *
  39. The Killer *
  40. Six Feet (short story) *

* Only on M.E.Purfield’s Patreon.

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