Cities That Eat Islands Book 2 – Now Out!

Cities That Eat Islands Book 2 is now out in paperback ($19.99) and ebook formats (sale price $2.99). A must read for Miki Radicci fans. Mixing Sarah Paretsky and Andrew Vachss into a noir urban fantasy, the author of the Miki Radicci series continues the tense and thrilling mystery of siblings entering a dark andContinue reading “Cities That Eat Islands Book 2 – Now Out!”

Latest Release!

This is a collection of short stories from mystery and crime writer M.E. Purfield, best known as the creator of the highly rated and long running ‘Miki Radicci’ series, which reveals Purfield’s continued talent for quirky, unconventional characters struggling through realistic, tense, and desperate situations. A young girl trapped in a cage finds salvation inContinue reading “Latest Release!”

Safe With Your Own Kind

Watched Narrow Margin. A tense little noir with great one liners that had it all: humor, twists, violence, style, voice, and a little kid in danger. A gravel voice cop escorts a mob boss’s wife to court via train to testify but the mob wants her dead. If I see it on DVD I’ll definitelyContinue reading “Safe With Your Own Kind”

a not so distant future where one struggles for gasoline

Finished Kharma Part 12 revisions. Working on two short story revisions this week (MiLK and White Elephant in the Blue Room). Both are just about 5k words so that’s different lately. Tried to find some markets to submit to and failed. Nothing in my pay rate. As planned for June, I want to get inContinue reading “a not so distant future where one struggles for gasoline”

Sorry.  No talking bugs or anuses.

Just about done with 3rd part of Kharma part 12 revisions. Nothing much to say. I must sound like a broken record. Writing about writing is not very exciting. Not like the movie Naked Lunch. Sorry.  No talking bugs or anuses. No spies. No Interpol. No drug taking. My life is boring. The words inContinue reading “Sorry.  No talking bugs or anuses.”

Even years from now they may mesh

More work on third chunk of Kharma part 12. Ideas/threads to carry over into future stories pop up in my head as I edit along. I write them down in my little book for later. Bits for the next story or even the third or tenth story down. Can’t stress enough to a new writersContinue reading “Even years from now they may mesh”

people have more business than they need than to be annoyed by a bunch of weirdos

Started the 3rd block of Kharma part 12, pages 80 – 120 today. Should be done with it on Friday. Don’t plan on doing any writing on Thurs. Have to see my son get an award at school and then take my wife to work. Finished the second draft of the short story over theContinue reading “people have more business than they need than to be annoyed by a bunch of weirdos”

Three years old is a good age to start drinking

Finished the draft/revision of Hacker’s Moon (Miki 11) and sent it out. Hopefully I should see it back in two months and another few months of revising it again with said comments I can have I ready for the world. Tomorrow I will work on one of two stories for resubmitting. After those two areContinue reading “Three years old is a good age to start drinking”