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Walking Through the Tombstones

We watched Eyes of Laura Mars with Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones. I had never seen it before. Neen has since she is all about the seventies and early eighties (disco disco) before we met. I had read the novelization and although they’re similar the visualization does add to it.

Another bonus was seeing all the familiar actors through out. Raul Julia, Rene Auberjonois, Brad Dourif. I didn’t care too much for Jones. Never found him much of an actor or even after he found fame a second time with The Fugitive but I give him props for the last ten minutes of this film.

Also the script was written by John Carpenter, another added attraction. The story is a bit trashy and odd to have Dunaway in it. A high class photographer sees through the eyes of a killer who slaughters the people in her life. Turns out the photographer has been getting famous recreating images from the crime scenes in her visions. The role was once aimed for Barbara Streisand. Um, no. Dunaway, a much better actor in my opinion, took it up. Still…I’m a bit surprised to see her in it coming off the Oscar high of Network.

Also watched Dan O’Bannon’s The Resurrected. Another film had not seen yet but I have been dying to see almost all my life. It stars John Terry, Jane Sibbett, Chris Sarandon and Robert Romanus. Sibbett hires Terry, a PI, to figure out what is going on with her rich scientist husband, Sarandon, when he goes off into his secret labs. Of course it’s not good and based on the Lovecraft story The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. I have read bad reviews of this film but I found it visually captivating and the story fun and disgusting. Compared to his first film, Return of the Living Dead, it walks a more complex road. The actors, especially Terry and Sarandon, are wonderfully subtle and excel in their contrast. The creature FX, all practical since it was made in 1991, are superb. Scream Factory created a great blue Ray of this disc. Can’t wait to dig into the extras.

Today we too M to the Jersey City Oddities – Living Dead Market at the Harsimus Cemetery a few blocks from where we live. It was small and cozy. They had some great oddity art. (Oddity to regular folk) We walked through the historic cemetery and saw the goats that they use to mow the lawn. I’ve been there myself with my niece and of course we pass it all the time where ever we go in this damn city.

Picked up two great greeting card prints from Ghost Girl Greeting. One for Ash Vs The Evil Dead and Friday the 13 for Neen. She also got an Intention Candle from Houss Freya.

We had a good time. Got our exercise and M passed out some candy from the Ghost Girl Greetings table. I’ll post some pictures on Instagram by tomorrow.






They Always Get What’s Coming To Them

Finished this week’s editing goal for Cities That Eat Islands. Next week is the last week on the novel.

Snuck some computer work on the store.

Celebrated my 15 year wedding anniversary with Neen. Were supposed to go to FM at Noon but turned out they didn’t open until 1PM. Considering the time limit with the kids getting out from school, we went to Barcade instead. The food was good. We had a nice time as you can see from the pictures on the right.

Been rereading Hardshell AKA Night Visions 4. A collection with Dean Koontz, Edward Bryant, and Robert McCammon. An oldy from 1987. Still pretty good. The Koontz stories are in his traditional form, but the last one is different; first person and spiritual. Perfect for short story experimentation.

Son and I got some great news from school. His teacher is getting heart surgery. He should be out for a while. I’m hoping the rest of the year. I’m shocked. I didn’t think he had a heart. Yeah, he loves his highest grade students to the point where he acts like a pedophile but that’s not the same thing.

Oh, and speaking of sick fucks getting what they deserve.

Officials: Weinstein to surrender in sexual misconduct probe

So yeah, let’s home this guy finally gets what’s coming to him too.



The Republicans That Ran Away To Join The Circus

Edited two shorts this morning before the babes woke. Kids only have two days of school today so I’m not getting much done and little time. 10 pages for each one.

One I will publish for this month. That’s my new thing. To publish a short story a month. You know. Taking risks. Branching out. See what happens.

The other is brand new. I’ll see if there’s a market for it but since it’s crime I doubt there will be much outside Hitch and Ellery, and even those are time wasters.

It’s been a few days since the election and all is quiet. I live in a bubble so I don’t see much of a response. Plus I live in Jersey City and we don’t have much of a hate contingent here, multicultural.

I imagine many are happy about our governor. I have heard no love over Christy. But his replacement had a lot of votes. On the map I saw she won over Cape May, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties. Those are big conservative white trash parts of NJ. I should know, I grew up in Monmouth Country. You don’t want to be different there. Get out ASAP. Runaway and joint the circus.

Speaking of running away, I heard that republicans are going to move from New Jersey now that Murphy is the Gov. Like when Democrats were going to move from the US when Trump became pres.

C’mon. Be original.

But I don’t fall for that shit. People running. Stay and fight. The only time one should run is if planes are bombing your city. Syrians had a good excuse to run. I think these residents want to run for the fear of higher taxes.

American’s are soft. This is what I detest about the middle class. They live in fear of money.

What would they do without their money?

(take opioids?)

They would be lower class. Why do you think they voted for Trump? So they can get money.

There is no shame in being poor. You live minimalistic. Bare bones. You appreciate what you got. It’s hard. That’s live. Sometimes things go well and then BOOM you get cancer.

Fuck. We live in a successful communist country. Yes, the USA is a communist country. We take our taxes and we give it to those less fortunate in services for free. No, we don’t have one class. It’s not 100 percent communist. That’s because we are built on a democracy and have other systems involved. But communism is in there. Care for the community.

Anyway. Yeah. had this conversation yesterday with an Indian guy. Sikh. All he cares about is his money. He doesn’t care about racism or what’s going on with Trump’s Nationalism. It doesn’t affect him. His dad is a Republican. A rich guy who liked Trump at first because he thought he would make him some money but now he doesn’t like him because of how he is running the country. Trump is not making money for the USA, too much time on twitter.

With luck the Dad wont vote for him again. The guy I spoke to won’t vote for Trump or anyone because he’s not even registered. Too lazy.

So I guess the nonwhites (if you want to call them that) that voted for Trump or going to vote against him in the second election, Trump needs to fail on making money for the country.

Fucked up, huh? But if it works.