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Cities That Eat Islands – NOW AVAILABLE

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Mixing Sarah Paretsky and Andrew Vachss into a noir urban fantasy, the author of the Miki Radicci series delivers a tense and twisted thriller of epic proportion.

It waits in the basement.

Feeds on children. Used them to lure more in.

But its hunger is just the beginning and not for it alone.

Carmella Noto, a brilliant young artist, experiences other’s pain and death. Her twin brother Enzo, a non verbal autistic, accesses radio waves in his head.

When their best friend’s family is murdered and turns up missing, the siblings use their psychic ability to save him.

Through the hot dark streets of Brooklyn in 1961, the siblings discover a demonic cannibal that’s only the tip of a mystery that starts in 1921 Jersey City.


Walking Through the Tombstones

We watched Eyes of Laura Mars with Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones. I had never seen it before. Neen has since she is all about the seventies and early eighties (disco disco) before we met. I had read the novelization and although they’re similar the visualization does add to it.

Another bonus was seeing all the familiar actors through out. Raul Julia, Rene Auberjonois, Brad Dourif. I didn’t care too much for Jones. Never found him much of an actor or even after he found fame a second time with The Fugitive but I give him props for the last ten minutes of this film.

Also the script was written by John Carpenter, another added attraction. The story is a bit trashy and odd to have Dunaway in it. A high class photographer sees through the eyes of a killer who slaughters the people in her life. Turns out the photographer has been getting famous recreating images from the crime scenes in her visions. The role was once aimed for Barbara Streisand. Um, no. Dunaway, a much better actor in my opinion, took it up. Still…I’m a bit surprised to see her in it coming off the Oscar high of Network.

Also watched Dan O’Bannon’s The Resurrected. Another film had not seen yet but I have been dying to see almost all my life. It stars John Terry, Jane Sibbett, Chris Sarandon and Robert Romanus. Sibbett hires Terry, a PI, to figure out what is going on with her rich scientist husband, Sarandon, when he goes off into his secret labs. Of course it’s not good and based on the Lovecraft story The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. I have read bad reviews of this film but I found it visually captivating and the story fun and disgusting. Compared to his first film, Return of the Living Dead, it walks a more complex road. The actors, especially Terry and Sarandon, are wonderfully subtle and excel in their contrast. The creature FX, all practical since it was made in 1991, are superb. Scream Factory created a great blue Ray of this disc. Can’t wait to dig into the extras.

Today we too M to the Jersey City Oddities – Living Dead Market at the Harsimus Cemetery a few blocks from where we live. It was small and cozy. They had some great oddity art. (Oddity to regular folk) We walked through the historic cemetery and saw the goats that they use to mow the lawn. I’ve been there myself with my niece and of course we pass it all the time where ever we go in this damn city.

Picked up two great greeting card prints from Ghost Girl Greeting. One for Ash Vs The Evil Dead and Friday the 13 for Neen. She also got an Intention Candle from Houss Freya.

We had a good time. Got our exercise and M passed out some candy from the Ghost Girl Greetings table. I’ll post some pictures on Instagram by tomorrow.





They Always Get What’s Coming To Them

Finished this week’s editing goal for Cities That Eat Islands. Next week is the last week on the novel.

Snuck some computer work on the store.

Celebrated my 15 year wedding anniversary with Neen. Were supposed to go to FM at Noon but turned out they didn’t open until 1PM. Considering the time limit with the kids getting out from school, we went to Barcade instead. The food was good. We had a nice time as you can see from the pictures on the right.

Been rereading Hardshell AKA Night Visions 4. A collection with Dean Koontz, Edward Bryant, and Robert McCammon. An oldy from 1987. Still pretty good. The Koontz stories are in his traditional form, but the last one is different; first person and spiritual. Perfect for short story experimentation.

Son and I got some great news from school. His teacher is getting heart surgery. He should be out for a while. I’m hoping the rest of the year. I’m shocked. I didn’t think he had a heart. Yeah, he loves his highest grade students to the point where he acts like a pedophile but that’s not the same thing.

Oh, and speaking of sick fucks getting what they deserve.

Officials: Weinstein to surrender in sexual misconduct probe

So yeah, let’s home this guy finally gets what’s coming to him too.



Shit Like That Doesn’t Happen Anymore

Friday Night

Watched Nicholas Ray’s On Dangerous Ground. Was impressed how gritty it was. Even when it moved to the rural upstate New York setting.

Robert Ryan was great as the violent cop who faced his literal demons. Through out the picture I was wondering where I had seen him before and remembered him in Act of Violence where he played the soldier who came home to torment the other into confessing his crime. Ida Lupino was again brilliant but didn’t show up until  halfway even though she got top billing. I think Ed Begley was the killer. If he was, he was great too.


Finished editing goal for Cities That Eat Islands. All goes well, only one and half week left.

Read Robert McCammon’s Tales from Greystone Bay. Out of the three collected it has one I hadn’t read before. Perfect for my McCammon collection. The master.

Neen and I saw Back To the Future at the Loew’s Jersey last night. 50 foot screen and the original print. Nice warm colors with sprocket skipping. The way film is intended. Can’t find that in digital. Havent seen the film like that since I was 11. When that movie came out it played in theatres for a whole year. Shit like that doesn’t happen anymore. Movies are pulled out no more than a month and dropped in digital markets ASAP.

Anyway. It’s still funny and worthy of the model for pop screenwriting. The audience cheered when dad punched Biff and Marty hit 88 on the way home. It was the last film of the season until September.


Spent the day recovering from a horrible night. Restless leg syndrome kept me up. Couldn’t close my eyes no matter how tired I felt. And when I finally did go to sleep, M woke up at 4 and wanted to party. She does this once an a while. For an autistic child she sleeps well. All of us are truly fortunate. My own sleep patterns are not so great.

Did tech work as you can see on the site. Less clutter, simpler. Maybe.

I will leave you with a strange quote I ran into over the week end about a baseball field in my town:

“it is equality because those fields aren’t open to anyone. They’re only open when there are baseball games.”

man wearing black waistcoat and white tank tops standing near a mural
Photo by XU CHEN on Pexels.com


Finished revision goal for Cities That Eat Islands.

Submitted work order for paper back cover for Surly Girly.

Started watching Toxic Avenger. Hoping to get up to part three. One of the greatest super hero movies ever made. Always chokes me up. And I’m not saying that because he’s from New Jersey.

So over sensitized while waiting for D outside his school today. City is so LOUD. All the traffic and construction. So not autistic friendly. Thanks, Mayor. Have to start ring ear buds with me. Thankfully he only has a month and half left and then he goes to a new school.

While walking to the car with D and having a private conversation with him, two 12 year olds stopped us in front of Sugartown with a serious question:

“What is wrong with sucking dick?”

“Nothing,” I said. “But you shouldn’t charge ten dollars to do it in the Journal Square bathroom.”

The girl with bad day hair said,” What is wrong with you?”

Being one who lives in a disabled world, I smiled at her.

Some articles of interest:

12-Year-Old Autistic Boy Arrested For Pointing Imaginary Gun At School

Again, the system has failed the child. Why is the child still doing in a general ed class? I guess the state is underfunded or under educated. Of course the mother should have been called right away instead of the cops being called in. The child has diagnosis that need special process, not institution educational fascism.


The staff says another child the same age did it? Look at the picture. Really? The case is still open.

And on that note, I leave you this: