I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Insane): Schooling Through The Pandemic

“What is 234 X 456?” “I don’t know.” “You do know. We did this before.” “I don’t know.” “I’ll give you a cookie if you tell me.” “I want a cookie.” “Then what is 234 X 456?” “I want a cookie.” “First the answer and then the cookie. What is 234 X 456?” “I. Don’t.Continue reading “I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Insane): Schooling Through The Pandemic”

I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Inane): Intro

I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Insane) – Intro I have been called crazy all my life. Still do as I near middle-age. Still do even though I live a normal life with a loving wife and two brilliant children. Even though I have a mortgage, pay my taxes, stay away from drugs and drinking, neverContinue reading “I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Inane): Intro”