The last few months of her life have slowly been building to this one moment. Teen psychic Miki Radicci finally finds her long lost little sister Prudence Radicci who’s been imprisoned on Elite’s 33rd floor where the special psychics are hidden. To break her out, Miki confronts the one man that she could never fully trust, Frank Welker. He’s more that willing to help Miki, but Elite will do anything to keep Prudence, even kill one of their own. With no home, limited funds, and hunted down by police and hit men, Miki and her friends on both sides of the law gather their psychic and hacking talents to break into Elite’s secret 33rd floor to free Prudence. Although their chances grow stronger there is one person they desperately need to enter the building: a woman who once tried to frame Miki for murder and tried to kill her.


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