Auts and Amazon Drama

I needed to make a decision on the best way to draw people to my Auts series on Pateon. The best I could come up with is a sampler of stories.  Free reads are the best practice in my experience. If they read the first free part of one of my series, and they likeContinue reading “Auts and Amazon Drama”

I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Insane): Schooling Through The Pandemic

“What is 234 X 456?” “I don’t know.” “You do know. We did this before.” “I don’t know.” “I’ll give you a cookie if you tell me.” “I want a cookie.” “Then what is 234 X 456?” “I want a cookie.” “First the answer and then the cookie. What is 234 X 456?” “I. Don’t.Continue reading “I’m Not Crazy (But You’re Insane): Schooling Through The Pandemic”