Returning To Form

More editing on Cities that Eat Islands. More light stuff.

Ordered proof for Surly Girly.

Updated my To Do list. Want to simplify this site more. Work on my store. What store? Yeah. I have a store for my ebooks. I need to work on it and make it more prominent. Hopefully get some use out of it for those out of the USA.

Watched Toxic Avenger 3. Again, good. Not brilliant. I laughed. Still better storytelling than mainstream films. I don’t think I’ll move on to part 4 tomorrow since I watched it in the last 2 years. I recall part 4 returning to form of part 1.

Started reading Darwin’s Origin of Species. Feels like I walked in on the middle of a conversation but I’ve started books like that before.

Found out my daughter was invited to a second graduation this year in her school. Not only will she be graduating pre-k but integrated pre-k if we want her to be part of the ceremony. We decided against it since my wife might have to take a second day off of work too and it might be too much for M.

Aggressors (bullies) can be neutralized.

Victims are under-estimated.

Victims are believed.

mushroom graffiti on concrete building during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on


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