A Bitch and A Blessing

Started next forty pages of editing for Cities That Eat Islands. Still a solid first draft. Mostly cutting useless words, rephrasing grammar, and moving word order. The benefit of editing as you go when writing the first draft. Still proud of what I wrote. Still the best I wrote so far.

Paper back cover for Surly Girly came back. Looks great. Resubbed for technical revisions. Should get it by tomorrow and can have it ready for the proof.

People (kids) can only take so much from an aggressor (bully) before they strike back (shove). Sometimes there is a mediator (adult) on their side who wants peace for all. Aggressors (bullies) beware tomorrow.

Cognitive empathy can be a bitch and a blessing for me.

I don’t have it.

Blessing: In times of emergency like a car accident or when the kids or wife get hurt, I am cold and focused and take control of the situation to heal them. (Autistics make great EMTs)

A bitch: When the kids or wife or anyone whine to me how sick they are or how horrible a situation is, I can’t empathize for the moment.

I try and say, “That’s horrible” or “That must be terrible for you.”

Sometimes it works but to the more immature individual (children and emotionally stunted adults) it doesn’t. They can tell I’m sort of faking. They think I don’t care. They get mad.

No, it’s not that I don’t care, it’s just I don’t have the brain parts to do it. I wasn’t born with it. I have the autistic brain.

The further bitch of it is that I want to empathize at that moment. And like someone who can’t communicate to people, I get frustrated or angry.

One of the biggest myths about people on the spectrum is that they don’t have empathy. We do. We empathize with the world a lot. With people. With their struggles, with their pain. So much that it’s a major part of our depression. We’re very sensitive people.

We just don’t have cognitive empathy.

See the difference?


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