After 22 Years, The Party is Over

Continued revising and updating ebook files on Miki novels. Almost done. About half of them are on sale for download and look snazzy with updated back matter. If you have bought them before you should be able to redownload them with the new formatting and graphic. At least, I know you can do that on kindle. I should be done with the other half by the end of next week.

Finished Toxic Avenger part one and viewed all of part 2. Not as powerful as one. 2 has a longer length by twenty minutes which I think they could have cut. Although not the Klans man fight sequence in the beginning.

I’m not positive but I think 2 and 3 were shot back to back and were supposed to be one film but were for some reason broken into 2.

It was gorier than I remember. I think I previously watched the R or PG-13 versions? I don’t even remember it having a sex scene.

Learned a bit about locked baseball fields in public parks today. Very touchy subject for those on both sides.

Interesting article:

‘It’s just horrifying’: Seven killed in Australia’s deadliest mass shooting in 22 years

I guess this makes for a good argument for no gun control in this country now. People for it always use Australia as an example for how gun control works. The party is over. After 22 years seven people have died n a mass shooting.


Would the opposition go to such extremes? Probably. We live in such an extreme society. Some want an all Republican country. Some want an all Democrat country.

All Conservative.

All Liberal.




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