The Divine Ones

Continued 2nd draft of Cities That Eat Islands.

Finally picked up my laptop but not because of the repair shop. It was ready Monday afternoon.I just couldn’t get down there again until today. The screen looks great. in Jersey City on Central Ave if you’re in the area. Highly recommended.

Finished Gingerdead Man vs Evil Bong. Had a life lesson in the end but was still a bit lackluster. I think there’s a sequel or will be one. I wouldn’t put it past Charles Band.

Thought about what some people say to me when they get angry.

“For a writer I expect better from you” or

“For a writer I thought you would be smarter.” Or

“For a writer you left a lot of typos in that facebook comment.”

Some shit like that.

Always calling me stupid and saying I should be brilliantly intelligent because I’m a writer. This happens when I disagree with someone. Usually the person is a musician in a cover band or he used to be a musician or they have a 9-5 job, but they all always like to stick to their interpretation to what a piece of art says or how an artist should be.

God forbid I should see something differently. Shit. I’m an autistic. My brain is automatically going to see everything differently anyway. Plus I’m an artist so…duh. I’m not going to go with the flow of the mainstream.

And art can’t have multiple interpretations. See people all have the same POV. Right?

My gut reaction to the above comments is to laugh.

Why hold me to such a high standard? Who the fuck am I?

Or are they just trying to get to my ego? Am I someone who walks around thinking that I am great because I am a writer?

Not really. Writing is hard as well as it is fun. It’s also discouraging as well as encouraging. But it doesn’t make me divine and infallible.

I guess it’s another instance of other’s lack of education trying to hurt me. A last ditch effort. Maybe they’re the divine ones.

Anyway. Here’s the new paperback cover for Blood Like Cherry Ice. Buy it and feed my brilliant and divine ego.


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